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My last assignment for my Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar course is to describe my Personal Learning Network (PLN) Twitter. Throughout this semester, I have followed many occupational therapists and health professionals that I may find useful for my education and career. I have even followed people from other countries like the United Kingdom or Australia. This is important for my learning because I am able to see how occupational therapy is being studied in other countries. It gives me a wider perspective on the field and I am able to check Twitter everyday for more information.

I have also been retweeting things that I believe are useful for my career and education. As you scroll through my Twitter moment, you will realize there are a lot of adaptive activities, disability awareness, and moments where I received advice from occupational therapists. I want to gain as much information as I can about the different activities there are out there for occupational therapists, so retweeting activities will help me remember them. I volunteer at New England Disabled Sports and I love seeing adaptive sports and activities. One of my retweets is a boy with cerebral palsy who has received a contract with Nike! I love how society is becoming more acceptable towards people with disabilities. There is also an article I retweeted about a hairdresser in South Wales, Australia who does haircuts for people with disabilities. Hair cuts are a very hard event to put people with disabilities through for many reasons- they cannot sit still, its too much sensory input, it is a change in their routine and many more. Something I love about Twitter is that I can connect with professionals and they can give me advice. I tweeted that I was reading a book on sensory integration and to my surprise, someone tweeted back that they are an occupational therapist student and they are using that book in their pediatric class. This made me feel like I was studying the right material!

I am glad I have created Twitter because I love getting insight on all the recent occupational therapy news. It is important for me to stay up to date with all the recent news because I want to build off of the news and create my own research. I hope to one day research occupational therapy and hopefully write my own book on a specific topic. I uploaded the Twitter application on my Iphone and I check it everyday. I would say I am kind of obsessed!

I plan to keep my Twitter and use it to my advantage because I am able to have conversations with occupational therapists about current research. I feel educated because I now have the ability to have intellectual conversations about occupational therapy that not a lot of people my age have. I always thought Twitter was used to follow celebrities and famous people, but I was wrong. It has way more use than that! Because of Twitter, I feel a lot more confident in my career goals and have more complex ideas on what I want to focus on when I become an occupational therapist. As of right now, I want to study sensory integration therapy and hopefully use that to start my own business.

Thanks for checking out my Twitter moment!

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I am a student at Plymouth State University. I am currently in an Undergraduate program called Interdisciplinary Studies. I plan to use this program as a pre-proffessional Occuapational Therapy major. Checkout my blog to see how far I have come!

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